Our close cooperation began in August 2019. Wildfires of the Amazon rainforest just crossed the borders of Brazil and Bolivia and across the southern border of Pantanal all the way to Paraguay. Here, it destroyed more than 100.000 hectares of forests. One of our veterinarian specialists, MvDr. Sebastian Franco, who hails from the area, was asked to help. Laguna and Biopark Štít had joined forces and organized mission "Pantanal and Chaco in need". We sent volunteers into the area, who then with local firefighters and other members of the Urutau station, searched the burnt areas, treated the wounded animals and then transported them to the station. They tried in every way possible to stop the fires from spreading and to help the locals. The "Pantanal and Chaco in need" mission has been supported by a huge number of people, through financial or material donations, mostly pharmaceuticals, veterinary material and protective equipment for the firefighters and volunteers. It does not end with firefighting though, we will continue with our help to expand the Urutau Chaco Animals station and its equipment.