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According to EU legislation, all the website operators are obliged to inform the users about the actual use of Cookies and therefore get the users' approval for using Cookies. 

What Cookies are

Cookie is a small amount of data which WWW server sends to a browser. The browser saves the data into user's device. During every following visit of the same server, the browser sends the data back to the server. Cookies are generally used for distinguishing each users; they save the users' preferences etc. The name "Cookie" refers to the custom in the UK or the USA where the participants or guests are offered their favourite cookie in order to set a warm atmosphere. 

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Why do we use Cookies?

The Cookies are used to learn the behaviour of the users: how they work with the content of our webpages. It helps us to improve their next experience. 

How do we use Cookies? 

The arising Cookies on the Laguna webpage are used for various purposes including: 

  • The necessary: Cookies are extremely important for "free movement" on the webpages and using all the functions such as secure area access. 
  • Functioning: Cookies allow the webpages to remember users' choices and options: the user name, language, location etc. and to provide an improved personal comfort. 
  • Efficiency and stability: Cookies collect the information about actual use of the webpages: which pages are the most visited or if the users get the error reports. Those cookies are needed to improve the working of the future versions of the Laguna webpages. 

If you continue to use these webpages, it means that you agree with Cookies use.