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     Společnost Laguna, z.s. (Laguna Organization)

1. Name of the organization and residence:

Společnost Laguna, z.s.  (Laguna Organization)
Adress: Luka pod Medníkem 79, Jílové u Prahy
CIN: 05733189

2. Logo of the organization:

The symbol of the organization is an emblem in form of a blue-and-white lifebuoy with a yellow rope and with a head of blue-and-yellow macaw in the middle and an inscription "Společnost Laguna" in the white sectors of the lifebuoy.

logo spolecnost laguna

3. Activity:

Společnost Laguna, z.s., has coverage throughout the Czech Republic.
Statutory authority: president, acts independently.

4. The purpose of the organization:

Protection of animals in human care, support of breeding, helping animals in need, educational and consulting activities in the environment, and nature protection. 
The organization will achieve this purpose by developing activities in the following areas:

    1. Associate breeders and supporters of exotic and other animals and defend their interests and needs.
    2. Place animals in need according to our possibilities, provide professional care and secure alternative housing.
    3. Educate animal breeders and the public in the field of breeding and the life of animals in their natural environment. Support and spread the scientific knowledge of the laws of nature focusing especially on the protection of nature, natural recourses, environment and protection of rare and endangered species. 

To achieve those goals, we will organize membership meetings, lectures, exhibitions, trips, publish information and educational printed matter, organize sales, exchanges or deposition of animals and amplify the connection between breeders.
Cooperate with professional breeding, protecting and cultural organizations with a similar focus in our country and abroad.
It's possible to create individual projects within the organization, to fulfil those goals.

5. Membership:

People older than 18 years and legal entities can become members of the organization.
Individual/legal person becomes a member of the organization after submitting a written application to the organization and confirms with his/her signature his/her consent with the statutes and he/she is accepted in the next membership meeting.

Termination of membership:

  • By withdrawing from the organization using a written notice, stating the day of the end of the membership. Before this day, the member is obliged to settle all obligations with the association.
  • Exclusion based on the decision of the membership meeting for violation of the statutes.
  • Death of a physical member or termination of the contract with a legal entity.

Rights and obligations of members:

A member has a right to:

  • Participate in meetings and events hosted by the organization.
  • Use the benefits of membership and use the common property under specified conditions.
  • Submit suggestions and comments and if needed, request a vote about them at the membership meeting.
  • To vote and be elected to a function in the organization.

A member has an obligation to:

  • Actively participate in the life of the organization according to their own possibilities, support the interests of the organization and take care of its good name.
  • Abide by the statutes and obey the resolution of membership and committee meetings.
  • Pay membership fees.
  • According to the valid legislation, follow nature protection rules and ensure a considerate approach towards animals kept in human care or the wild.

6. Laguna Organization Bodies:

  • Membership meeting
  • Committee

The highest Body of the organization is a membership meeting. A proper membership meeting shall be organized by the committee at least once a year, through invitation, which shall be sent via e-mail at least 14 days before the meeting, to the address of the members.  The invitation must state the date, place and time of the meeting.  The first meeting of the year is the annual meeting.  The meeting has a quorum when there are more than half of the members present. If the required part does not meet within the chosen time, the committee shall convene a new meeting within 7 days. The alternate meeting date shall be chosen from 14 days to 6 weeks after the due date. This alternate meeting may validly quorum with any number of present members. Membership meeting authorizes the work plan and the budget for this year, discusses and approves the work of the committee and in a 4-year cycle (if the membership meeting doesn't decide otherwise) votes members of the committee and members of the inspection body and sets the amount of the membership fee for the upcoming year.

The committee has to convene an emergency membership meeting if at least one-quarter of the members ask for it in writing. All of the membership meeting decisions are valid if it is voted on by more than a half of present members. A record of every meeting is written down and is available to read for every member on the pages of the organization.

The head of the organization is an elected committee, which must have at least five members. The functional term lasts five years. Immediately after the committee election, its members elect representatives to the individual positions. Their activities during the functional term are controlled by the president. Other members are the vice president, executive manager, chamberlain, registrar and members of the committee. Individual functions cannot be cumulated. The committee has a quorum when the majority of its members are present at the meeting. The majority of present members makes decisions.  In the case of equality of votes, the president makes the decision.

The president shall represent Laguna externally as a statutory body, independently. The president shall convene and control membership meetings and convene and control committee meetings.

The committee's vice president shall replace the president in case of his inability or incompetence to fulfil his duties. In case of the termination of presidents mandatory, the vice president becomes the organisation's statutory body.

The executive manager coordinates the activity of the committee and events of the organization.
The chamberlain manages the funds of the organization. 
The registrar of the organization keeps records of all the personal and other data about individual members and is obliged to follow the valid legislative of protection of personal data. 
The committee of the organization shall name and dismiss the management (coordinators) of individual Laguna projects. 

7. Principles of the economy:

The organization is not established for profit. However, it may receive income from membership fees, financial donations and events hosted by the organization, including operational activity (secondary activity). The income from the secondary activity is intended exclusively to support the main activity = organization's goal. The committee manages the organization's property during the year and cares about the effectiveness of the usage consistent with the organization's goals and mission. The annual membership meeting approves the financial statement once a year.
The annual membership meeting also decides about the partition of any possible income or compensation of any possible loss. 

8. Dissolution of the organization:

The organization ceases to exist by the decision of the membership meeting called especially for this purpose, where a two-thirds majority of the members is present, documented by the signed attendance list. This purpose of the meeting has to be stated on the written invitation. The same membership meeting also decides by the two-third majority, how the property will be disposed of.
According the law 82/2012 Sb. as amended.

These statutes were approved on inaugural membership meeting, on 12/03/2016.