You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Principles of personal data processing have been valid since May 2018 and they replace the previous Privacy Statement. 

If you are a visitor of our websites, a member of the association, a subscriber of the newsletters and news, or if you adopt a parrot, you entrust your personal data to us. We are responsible for their protection and security. Below, you can read more about the GDPR policy: our principles and your rights related to GDPR.  

1. The controller and processor of your data 

An organisation Laguna registered association, (Company registered number: 05733189; address: Luka pod Medníkem 79, Jílové u Prahy) runs the rescue shelter for exotic animals. The company is the controller and processor of the personal data. You can contact the organisation via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

As the controller, we meet all the requirements demanded by the current legislation; we process your personal data only on the basics of the valid law reason (primarily legitimate interest), performing the contract, legal obligation or informed consent. According to the article 13 of GDPR, we perform the obligation to inform before the data collection and we fully respect your lawful rights concerning the personal data and GDPR. 

2. The scale of personal data and the purposes of collection 

We collect your personal data for the following reasons: 

Provision of the services and contract performance 

The scale of your personal data: billing information, email, phone number, alternatively the correspondence address. We necessarily need these data for contract performance, for example for virtual adoptions, deposits, donation, volunteer help, membership etc. We also need these data for  issuance and registration of the tax documents and for purposes of marketing: newsletters sending. 

We use your email address for sending the commercial notifications in case that you are our customer or that you provided the consent.  
You can sign out of receiving our emails any time by using the sign out link in every email we send to you. 

Cookies: during browsing our webpages, we can notice your IP address. 

3. Time of storage of you personal data

We keep your personal data during limitation period, unless the law determines the longer time of storage. 

4. Security and protection of the personal data 

We treat your personal data as if they were of our own. Our approach is based on deep respect. The people who manipulate the data (committee and association members) maintain confidentiality. Processing operations are mostly done by ourselves and external commercial systems. Czech post (Česká pošta) is our delivery partner. Your data can't reach out of EU bounders. 

5. Your rights within GDPR

- the right to be informed and accessibility - within 30 days since the call we can inform which personal data we collect and why. 
- the right to edit the personal data whenever you ask for it. 
- the right to limit the processing - you can apply it when you feel we are processing the inaccurate date or you think we process the data illegally, but you don't want to delete them, or you objected to the collection. You can limit the scale of the personal data or the purposes of processing. 
- the right to be deleted (forgotten) - based on your notification, within 30 days, we delete all your personal data from our system unless the law determines otherwise (for example the invoice etc.) 
- the right to make a complaint at the Office of Personal Data Collection - in case that you feel we treat your personal data inconsistently with the law. If such a situation comes, we will be very glad if you inform us in advance and we will do our best to set everything right. 
- the right to unsubscribe from receiving the newsletters and commercial notifications - anytime. All our emails always include the unsubscribe links. 

6. Maintaining confidentiality

Our members, co-workers and the external commercial systems, which operate your personal data, are obliged to maintain the confidentiality during and after the contractual relationship with us. Without your approval, your personal data won't be transferred to any other third party