You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

The Story of Little Harry begins like a lot of other stories in common families. Daddy, mummy, son... The little boy is growing, goes to school, gets a little bit of reason and he has a very big desire: to have a dog. After many family arguments, the Christmas come alongside with the small fluffy present. The boy gets a little Yorkshire terrier. 

The excitement has no borders. The little boy does his homework properly, tidies his room, takes out the trash bin and in the afternoons, he goes for walk with the puppy, according to the deal. Later, the time of computer games comes, the boy is busy because of it and the dog becomes attached to the mummy. She always goes for walks with the puppy, always fill the bowl with food: no matter what. Little son is growing, getting wise and he is interested in parrots. The dog is mummy's favourite anyway. The boy promises, cries, begs... He says that he would learn a lot, and he would really spend less time on a computer. And the little Amazon parrot is so lonely and sad in the pet shop. And the birthday comes. Surprise - Amazon is home. The son is so excited, even washes the dishes and takes out the trash bin without notification. Finally, the parrot is precious for the whole family. Little Harry lives in son's bedroom, he repeats various words and he is a super buddy. The boy learns as much as he can, according to his promise. So, is it the happy end of our story? But something is changing: the little boy is changing. The puberty comes alongside with the hard loud music and Little Harry screeches all the time. Why? Nobody understands what has changed with the Amazon. Nothing has changed in fact. But as the boy matures, the parrot cannot stand the hard rock music and he screeches for the whole days. That's why he moves to his mother's kitchen. But nothing changes about it. Very patient mum thinks up at least some programme for him: he goes with them to the cottage. That is something that Little Harry loves. Not only that he loves the place (aviary in the garden under the apple tree), but also the journey is a lot of fun. Mother drives, father directs... he uses very eloquent vocabulary. Well, I have no idea what happened during these journeys, but Little Harry remembers the vocabulary till nowadays. He also can imitate the dog barking etc. As time went, the situation got even worse. The son actually learned so well, that he got to the high school and he stayed in another city in a dormitory. And so Little Harry got lonely he very missed the boy. He was even bored with the cottage trips, he was frustrated, he attacked mother and father. And mainly, he screeched and yelled all the days. Above all, he plucked his feathers. So the father couldn't stand it anymore and he decided: the bird has to go away. But where? 

And so Little Harry was accepted by Laguna. After a short time, he got female named Kiri, who has a very rare illness: allergy to dust from other birds' feathers. It shows that parrots suffer from very similar illnesses as humans. It took a long time for Harry to get used to Kiri and to understand that she is his female companion, not the Yorkshire terrier. It took two years of cohabitation with Kiri and Little Harry finally stopped "barking" and he started to pay attention to his amazon female companion. 

Nowadays, Little Harry has been still plucking his feathers a little, but he takes care of his partner properly. According to her handicap, Kiri has to be in a big airy aviary, isolated from possible allergens as much as possible. From spring to autumn, they are placed in the outdoor aviary and they enjoy fresh air in Sázava valley.  

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